Can eating the right foods help boost your mental health?  Combining recipes with healthy tips and industry information, this ground-breaking cook book addresses how diet can possibly affect one’s mental health by improving it or even preventing adverse conditions in the future.  If there is a family history of any mental health issues, or if you or someone in your family is currently suffering from a behavioral health disorder, then consider the quality of your or your family’s diet, which could be an important part of the overall treatment plan.  Psychiatrists have recently launched a more integrative approach to mental health care—one that takes diet and other lifestyle factors into account in diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental illness.  With over 450 million people globally suffering from some form of mental disorder and a pharmacological approach having its limitations in treating debilitating mental health conditions, the field of psychiatry is broadening its outlook.



Note to practitioners:  Try using this cook book as a tool with patients to address the need for an improved diet.  All the recipes are easy to prepare and can be made between 20 and 45 minutes.  It also contains a shopping list, along with food buying tips and nutritional information.  Studies show roughly 40% of Americans eat "fast food" -- meaning less nutritious meals and potentially declining mental health in our society.   

The American Medical Association recently published an article about the health benefits of home cooking and the importance for practitioners to work with their patients to counsel them on this topic to focus on a healthy diet, which can have a dramatic effect on their overall health ( This book, therefore, can be used by healthcare providers as a tool to incentivize patients to transition to more home-cooked meals for themselves and their families.